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PM Resources

This is the full list of our PM resources, templates and artefacts on Hustle Badger. Each one of these templates has been developed and tested by product managers working at high performance companies.

Feedback is welcome! Let us know how we can improve these resources, or request new ones:


  • Product strategy deck – [Google slides] dummy presentation for creating a product strategy.
  • Team Overview – [Notion] for documenting team mission, objectives, strategy and roadmap.
  • User Research Project – [Notion] template for scoping a user research project.


  • Delivery Review – [Google sheets] for checking in on team delivery and velocity.
  • Product Backlog Template – [Google Sheets | Excel | Notion] for prioritizing work.
  • Product Requirements Document (PRD) – [Notion] for documenting the problem to be solved, solution, launch plans and impact of a problem, feature or project.
  • OKR template – [Google Sheets | Excel | Notion] For setting team and company goals. Paid subscribers only.
  • D.E.C.I.D.E. framework – [Notion] for helping you make difficult decisions. Paid subscribers only.
  • Product audit – [Google sheets] for assessing the operational capacity of a product org. Paid subscribers only.



  • Hiring plan – [Google sheets] for recruiting new product managers.
  • Interview guide – [Google sheets] for interviewing product managers in a hiring process.


  • VP onboarding guide – [Notion] for VP Product / CPOs starting new roles. Paid subscribers only.
  • Onboarding guide – [Google docs] for new product managers.

Team dynamics

  • Roles and responsibilities – [Google sheets] for product managers in cross functional teams. Includes RACI and degrees of delegation.
  • Career ladder – [Google sheets] for setting expectations at different levels of seniority. Also known as competency matrix or career progression framework.


  • Action words – [Google sheets] to use in your CV / resume / Linkedin.