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Weekly content from experienced operators to guide you in your career.


What we offer

Our focus is helping product managers be more successful in their careers:

  • Practical playbooks – we write how-to guides, templates and case studies you can put into practice immediately 
  • Variety of topics – we cover all aspects of your role, from developing a product strategy to hiring great colleagues to executing relentlessly
  • Proactive learning – our content arrives in your inbox weekly
  • On-hand reference – you can find all our content easily in our wiki on the website when you need it

We have two levels of access to our content:

For paid subscribers:

  • Weekly content – each week you’ll get an in-depth article to your inbox
  • Full wiki access – you’ll be able to read any article in the wiki
  • Templates – you’ll have access to all the templates in our library
  • Prioritised questions – we’ll prioritise covering topics that you suggest
  • Office Hours – you can book Office Hours for personal 1:1 advice (limited spots available)

For free subscribers:

  • Monthly content – about 25% of our content will remain free and you’ll get an in-depth email monthly
  • Weekly summaries – each week you’ll get a high level summary of what the paid newsletter covers
  • Limited wiki access – you’ll get access to our free content on the wiki


  • Monthly at $15/month
  • Annually at $150/year

We’ve chosen a price point that:

  • Most people can expense within their training budget easily
  • People can afford personally if they didn’t have a training budget
  • Is excellent value for money. (Would you spend the equivalent of a coffee a week accelerating your career?)
  • Compares favourably to entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify


We expect most subscribers will expense Hustle Badger using their professional development budget. When becoming a paying subscriber you immediately receive a receipt.

Group discounts are available for groups of 3+ people at the same company subscribing. Please email for more information.

If you can’t afford the subscription because you are in full time education, or live in a country with a lower income than US / Western Europe, then please email us at and we will work something out.

Our content

We get really positive feedback on our content:

“The content you’ve been putting out so far at Hustle Badger is really, really good (and super helpful) — already managed to apply some in my day to day. Spent quite a bit of time over the weekend reading through it, and it’s incredibly concise, to the point, and actionable. Super excited for this!”

“I’m actually in the final stages of a CPO interview and have been reviewing some of the content that you’ve shared on Hustle Badger and am greatly appreciating some of the context setting for the way different people have approached their presentations! I’m certainly appreciating the content that you’re putting out.“ 

Here are some of our top articles:

Here are some of our top templates: