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Hustle Badger Community

One of the benefits of paid membership is that you can access our private community. This is somewhere you can ask peers for support and get thoughtful advice from people who care.

Together with our wiki and courses, this is one of the three major pillars of Hustle Badger. All are included in our monthly subscription.

✅ What our Community IS

  • Small “Chapters” with 50-100 participants
  • Chapters formed of people at a similar career stage, location and company type
  • Thread-based discussion for deeper conversations
  • Regular IRL meetups
  • Primarily for mid career PMs (i.e. Snr / Lead / Head of / Group / Director)

⛔️ What our Community IS NOT

  • A WhatsApp / Slack group with 10k people shouting at each other
  • An annual conference that costs £800 a day
  • A meetup where 20 people ask you for advice without giving anything back
Hustle Badger community
The Hustle Badger community

How it works

We believe that the best communities are built around real human relationships, between people with a lot in common. And that’s exactly how we’ve built the Hustle Badger community.

When you join Hustle Badger you’ll be put in a “Chapter” of peers who are similar to you in terms of:

  • Career stage (e.g. PM / Head of / CPO)
  • Location (e.g. London / NYC)
  • Company DNA (e.g. scrappy startup vs. digital transformation)

Every month there’ll be an in-person meetup for your Chapter, and you’ll have a private space on Hustle Badger to ask for advice and support.

We’ll monitor these Chapters and make sure they stay intimate (~150 max ppl), so you always know the majority of people in your chapter in person.

We believe this leads to a quality of conversation and a personal network that you can’t find anywhere else.

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