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How To Create A Solid Hiring Plan

A hiring plan outlines your approach to hiring someone for a given role. Hiring plans have several benefits:

  • Align stakeholders on what you're looking for
  • Act as single source of truth for interview guides, job descriptions and other hiring materials
  • Reduce bias in hiring by making criteria you are assessing candidates against explicit

Overall they tend to save a lot of time by preventing hiring processes collapsing as stakeholders realise they have very different ideas of what they are looking for. Without a hiring plan, this sort of conflict often doesn't become apparent until the hiring manager wants to make an offer, which can be after considerable time has been wasted over weeks or months interviewing candidates.

Our hiring plan is optimised for product managers, but can easily be repurposed for other roles. It includes:

  • Reference profiles
  • Aspects that you are hiring for
  • Hiring process

Hustle Badger hiring plan template

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