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We want to have the best content on the internet. 

We want to give people the knowledge they need to succeed in their jobs, and we want to offer that at a price that anyone can afford. We believe that excellent written content is the easiest way to do that.

We are always looking for talented product writers.

To achieve this mission, we need to have a diversity of very talented people writing for us. If you think that could be you. Read on!

What does good look like?

What makes us different from the content already on the internet is that ours is more actionable, with a real focus on:

  • Templates
  • Case studies
  • Frameworks
  • Practical tips

For us, a great article looks like this:

Writing content to this level requires a significant time investment, and you should be willing to commit 8-12 hours for a single article.

Benefits for you

We offer three main benefits to writing content on your own:

  1. Better content
  2. Higher reach
  3. More money

Better content

Writing amazing content (like anything else) is a team effort. We’ll give you extensive feedback, advice and support along the way to make your content as good as anything on the internet. 

High reach

Our number of newsletter subscribers is growing 10% w-o-w, our best articles already have thousands of views less than two months after launch, and we’re steadily improving our SEO. Publish with us and more people will hear you.

More money

We pay for articles that we publish. Rather than getting cents on Medium, we’ll pay $300-700 per article depending on length and complexity. If you’re not motivated by money, we’re creating a scholarship program and can put your share towards this.

New writers 

We’re looking for writers who have practical experience of product management:
✅ 5+ years experience as a PM
✅ Previous writing experience
✅ Topics and outlines pre-agreed before starting

This writing role is not best suited to full time copy or SEO copywriters. We are looking for experience as a practitioner in the tech industry.

Getting in touch

If we don’t already know you, then the first thing to do is to drop us an email to partners@hustlebadger.com introducing yourself. You should include:

  • Your Linkedin or brief professional summary
  • Some samples of previous writing, if you have them
  • Some thoughts on topics you would like to write on

We’ll get back to you in a day or two, and if we think it’s a good fit, ask you to do a short assessment.


To see if there’s a good fit in our writing and working styles, we’ll ask you to complete a short assignment.

We ask everyone to go through this assessment, even if they have lots of sample writing available because we have very clear guidelines on the structure and level of detail we want in our articles, and want to make sure you can deliver that. The assessment should take 2-3 hours to complete, and whether or not you are successful we’ll give you detailed feedback on your writing.

If the assessment looks good then we’ll start work on some articles for publication, and the process would be much more collaborative.

Writing articles for us

Once you’ve completed the assessment, and we’ve agreed you’re a good fit for us, then there will be at least three touch points for each article you write. This is to make the most efficient use of your time writing, and make sure we end up with some content we are all proud to put on Hustle Badger:

  1. Topic Selection
  2. Outline Review
  3. Draft

Topic Selection

We’ll start with a short call where we look at the topics you’ve suggested and the ideas we have for content, and agree on a topic we both feel confident you can write something great on. We’ll also note down any high level thoughts on what this might include, before setting up an Outline Review.

Outline Review

We want to make sure you don’t start writing without a clear map of what you’ll be producing. The outline review is where we look at your outline for the article you’ll be writing. This should include:

  • Bullet points of sections and headings in the article
  • Frameworks or templates you plan to include
  • Links to references that cover similar ground

We’ll also contribute thoughts and references to this document ahead of the meeting to make it as strong as possible.


Once you have a first draft, then we’ll review it and give you detailed feedback on any areas that we think need strengthening. This can involve several iterations if necessary, as long as we’re both happy we’re making good progress towards a final article.

It’s important to us to maintain our quality standards, so we do not guarantee publishing any content until we have a final draft we’ve accepted. If at any point in the process we don’t feel that we’re on track to create content that is right for Hustle Badger then we’ll let you know, and be very happy to see your content published elsewhere.


Once we have a final draft that everyone is happy with, we’ll pay you and put the article live on the website as soon as possible (usually in a couple of days) to get it ranking on Google. We’ll also be able to let you know when it is likely to be published in the newsletter (usually within a few weeks).

We prefer it if you don’t promote the article on social media before it goes out in the newsletter so we can do a combined push on marketing.


At this time we are only interested in working on content we can have exclusively on Hustle Badger. 

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